Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 2 “Strangers”

What is Michonne without her sword?

Quirky, funny, scowl-y, and as sharp and dangerous as ever. This is what stood out to me in tonight’s The Walking Dead episode–that when something so iconic to a character is removed, there’s a moment of disorientation…dismay…and then, in the aftermath, you realize what the character can so much more BECOME. I am very much anticipating what else we will see from Michonne. She IS a weapon with ANY weapon.

There’s so much to get into with this episode, but it would all be spoilers. Suffice it to say we had some nice downtime; nice moments of inter-character catch-ups; the introduction of a new character; hugging!; and yet another character who proves he makes a way better Mom than Lori ever was….if only he could breastfeed with those manbreasts. =O

An old mantra from one of my other most favorite TV shows of all time sprang to mind mid-episode and rang clear and true as a bell. “Trust no one.”

Let me rest it all with this: “Strangers”, episode 2 of The Walking Dead Season 5, took us to new heights of revolting grossness. Wait for it! It’ll be there. Hang in there. And don’t puke.

p.s. Rick was right.

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