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Sony Pictures’ Flash Boys: A Casting Call to Action

In April, Sony announced plans for a movie based on Michael Lewis‘ latest book Flash Boys, with Scott Rudin producing and Aaron Sorkin adapting the screenplay. The book is about the rise of high frequency trading (HFT) in the US equity market and one man’s campaign to neutralize what he believes to be the unfair systems employed by HFT traders. If Flash Boys makes it to the big screen, this will be Lewis’ third movie adaptation after The Blindside and Moneyball.

As the Flash Boys movie enters production, you can imagine how tempting it will be for Scott Rudin to cast guys like Brad Pitt, Christian Bale or Leonardo DiCaprio in the principal roles. That would be unfortunate of course, because none of those guys is from Canada, and the real hero of Flash Boys is a banker named Brad Katsuyama, a