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Watch this: YOMYOMF


Watch YOMYOMF, not just because it is entertaining, but also because their casting isn’t restricted by the same old racist mainstream media conventions. The popularity of YOMYOMF and other YouTube stars is proof that the mainstream media’s casting standards are not only out of date, but also bad business decisions. On the YOMYOMF YouTube channel, you’ve got media personalities like KevJumba, Ryan Higa, JoKoy and even skater Willy Santos!¬†VotePositive by clicking here: YouTube.com/YOMYOMF¬†

From their YouTube channel:

Launched in June 2012, the YOMYOMF Network is based on the pop culture blog, “You Offend Me, You Offend My Family” founded by Justin Lin, director of THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS franchise and BETTER LUCK TOMORROW. In addition to Lin, the network’s partners include Ryan Higa, YouTube star with second-most subscribed YouTube channel of all time; Kevin Wu, YouTube star with tenth-most subscribed channel of all time; and YouTube personality and musician, Chester See. Programming will include both scripted and reality series. The channel intends to bring together creative and interesting individuals to share their points-of-view.

Scandal – Season 2, Episode 6

Scandal, Season 2, Episode 6. I was sincerely afraid that season two was going to go in the direction of Grey’s Anatomy or some of ABC’s other shitty shows. Fortunately for us, the writers aren’t engineering this show to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Love how they are developing Olivia Pope’s character. Especially loved the last scene:


Be careful though. When you’re finished watching this episode, close the browser window, or you’ll be inundated with garbage content that isn’t worth your time, like 666, Revenge, or Once Upon a Time.

Support great television with responsible casting by watching it here:¬†Scandal – Season 2, Episode 6 “Spies Like Us”