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Awesome Asian Bad Guys

What good is canceling your cable subscription if you don’t put your savings toward media that you do support? If you’re looking for some place to put your savings, put it into this Kickstarter project. This investment will pay dividends!


From the kickstarter page: 

When we were growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, we’d always see hard-hitting Asian bad guys in flicks like Die Hard, Bloodsport, and Karate Kid 2. These badasses were often cooler than the heroes they fought, but they’d usually have a 2-minute lifespan before they were mortally wounded or beaten to a pulp. It really sucked that you barely saw them on screen and rarely got to know them. That got us thinking…
How cool would it be to expand upon this largely ignored slice of pop culture history by following several Asian bad guys on their own action-packed adventures?
Incredibly cool, right? So we’re making it – AWESOME ASIAN BAD GUYS!