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Nigahiga – Ramen soup for your soul?

By now, everyone’s heard of the Japanese-American YouTube star wonder, Ryan Higa, aka, Nigahiga, as his YouTube channel is named. For those outside of the loop, Mr. Higa rose to Internet stardom on the strength of his original, creative, and oft-times completely ridiculous home-made comedic videos.

Since Mr. Higa and his friend Sean Fujiyoshi started posting YouTube videos of themselves lip-syncing to songs back in mid-2006 (still in his high school years), the comedic talent has expanded his repertoire of work to include comedic skits, rants, “movies in minutes”, and other pieces of slyly genius and/or just plain STUPID GENIUS gems that are a laugh-riot-a-minute.

Take for example Nigahiga’s all-originally scripted “Skitzo” series, where he records himself playing all the different characters in the skit…

….to his hilariously creative take on of the wildly popular Discovery Channel show “Man vs. Wild”….

….to his signature home-made spoof commercials….

….to, yes, his keenly educational public service announcements….

Now with over 5 MILLION subscribers and growing, Nigahiga can be counted amongst the YouTube generation’s biggest stars, and rightfully so. While mainstream American television and movies are STILL in the practice of whitewashing our entertainment, more and more viewers looking for a complete, racially diverse and authentic representation out there of real talent can easily turn to Ryan Higa and his cohorts for examples of how “even Asians” can get it done.

You name it, and Mr. Higa and his friends have turned it into a knee-slapping, eyebrow raising, gut-busting moment of laughter that leaves you with a huge “WTF!” coupled with that ever elusive “huh?” you know you need more of in your life. And if they haven’t done it yet, hang tight. They’ll get to it in a hot minute.

I salute you, Nigahiga! Keep up the amazing work, brother.

In closing, music video: