Walking Dead – Okay okay, Glenn is a badass!

Two weeks ago, I suggested that The Walking Dead‘s Hershel was a little hasty to accept Glenn as a potential son-in-law. I felt that we hadn’t had enough screen time with Glenn to see him display the manliness deserving of Hershel’s acceptance. “Perhaps those scenes were indeed shot, but ended up on the cutting room floor,” I said. “perhaps those scenes have yet to be seen.”

Well, in last week’s episode, we got to see some of that. While searching for Randall in the woods at night, Glenn pulls a zombified Randall off of Daryl, throws him to the ground and plants an axe into his head… “Nice,” Daryl says, grateful to Glenn for saving his ass.


In this week’s episode, we get to see Glenn pick off walkers with a shotgun… from the passenger seat of a moving Hyundai.

So okay, I take it back. Glenn totally badass. And that should be “good enough” for Hershel’s daughter.

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